We exist to revolutionize agriculture. For a more sustainable world. Closer and more respectful of all types of life. Controlled production that avoids pesticides. This is and will be our revolution

The seed of groots: First cultivation area

At the end of 2018, our first farm had TWO (2) rows and FOUR (4). Just as you see in the picture. But this served to validate our idea and begin to germinate our project. But soon, we outgrew the space.

First shoots: Setting up our second growing space

Our roots started to grow and we need more space to grow our herbs and lettuce.

Cultivation space at 100% production capacity

In the midst of the pandemic, we continued to increase production and by mid-2021 we covered 100% of the farm’s capacity.

Setting up our second growing space

2022 was presented with the challenge of finding a new growing space that would give us the opportunity to grow and before the summer we moved.

Growing space 3.0

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Different countries
Plants vs. people in the office
(Not counting the farm, where we have more than 300,000 plants).
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From the office we follow a respectful and responsible diet

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